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[vc_row][vc_column][nb_testimonial style=”masonry” columns-xl=”3″ columns-lg=”3″ columns-md=”2″ columns-sm=”1″ layout=”box2″ ava_size=”81″ ava_style=”circle” name_tag=”h4″ position_tag=”h4″ class=”” css=”.vc_custom_1518421361496{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}”][nb_testimonial_item image=”328″ name=”David” position=”Design, USA” class=””]everything about yasuda was great! The food, atmosphere and food! was excellent. We love the Chef. he was super friendly and actually quite funny. Would recommend any for any sushi lovers.[/nb_testimonial_item][nb_testimonial_item image=”326″ name=”Chris” position=”Design, USA” class=””]On our first night in Victoria, we decided to have dinner here.
Chef Yasuda brings everything you hope for in an intimate tableside environment. His extremely knowledgeable and interested in you learning about his processes, so ask away. Come here with an open mind to try lots of new things and don’t fear being disappointed. Try the small batch beer and the Sake, both are out of this world. Enjoy!

[/nb_testimonial_item][nb_testimonial_item image=”324″ name=”Kelly” position=”Design, USA” class=””]An amazing experience!!!! Be sure to book well in advance, you won’t be disappointed! We let the chef take control and he prepared us whatever he felt like. Every piece of sushi was phenomenal, the rice was extraordinary and each piece of fish was delicious-like no sushi I have ever tasted before. Chef Yasuda was a very interesting man and told us stories throughout the meal. Be sure to taste everything he recommends including the inlet to end the meal. Simply fantastic.

[/nb_testimonial_item][nb_testimonial_item image=”327″ name=”Andy” position=”Design, USA” class=””]Yasuda is amazing everything we expected plus more Yasuda is a showman and makes it more of an experience. Can’t wait to head back there when in Japan again.

[/nb_testimonial_item][nb_testimonial_item image=”325″ name=”Michelles” position=”Design, USA” class=””]Love Sushi Bar Yasuda and chef Yasuda. He always is such a great entertainer and has some of the best stories around. The fish and rice are out of this world!

[/nb_testimonial_item][nb_testimonial_item image=”323″ name=”Marissan” position=”Design, USA” class=””]Eight seat sushi bar where Chef Yasuda slices, seasons and serves you sushi. We ordered the omakase and a sake from his hometown. So far the best sushi that we have ever had. Very warm and inviting place. He gave us tips on where to go for food and he is quite funny.[/nb_testimonial_item][nb_testimonial_item image=”322″ name=”Nicolasio” position=”Design, USA” class=””]Lets focus on food, (beside chef’s subjective comments on other restaurants), the quality and presentation are really average. Very limited selection on sake. When chef focus on talking, the sushi quality sacrificed.

[/nb_testimonial_item][nb_testimonial_item image=”320″ name=”Anna” position=”Design, USA” class=””]I’m going to keep it simple. OMG! Best sushi I’ve ever eaten so far. I’m from LA, and we have pretty damn good sushi. It’s funny reading about people in the mid-west complaining about the Chef or quality… Yes this is way better than anything in the middle of the US. No you’re not an expert. And more importantly if you’re complaining about the price. Well then you shouldn’t have even bothered! Go get rolls in your price range. ;-)[/nb_testimonial_item][nb_testimonial_item image=”321″ name=”Maressa” position=”Design, USA” class=””]Omakase style, Yasuda-san is a master at his craft! He is fun to eat with and when you go you are not only having dinner with your date, but with Yasuda as well! The variety of fish is incredible that he hand selects from the fish market every morning! If you’re in Japan and love sushi you must have this experience with one of the best most masterful chefs’ in the world.[/nb_testimonial_item][nb_testimonial_item image=”326″ name=”Kathryn” position=”Design, USA” class=””]My boyfriend and I went to a lot of nice restaurants in Tokyo, including a 2 star Michelin restaurant. This restaurant was by far the most enjoyable experience we had, both due to the quality of the food and friendliness of the chef. This master chef, clearly an expert in his craft, creates a light-hearted atmosphere that is welcoming to foreigners while serving some of the best nigiri you have ever tasted. The impeccable service from the supporting staff was also noteworthy.[/nb_testimonial_item][nb_testimonial_item image=”322″ name=”Sandra” position=”Design, USA” class=””]I am destroyed for sushi forever. Yasuda is a genius, an experimenter, an individual. In a world of followers, Yasuda creates his own path. I had the best meal of my life with Yasuda. Thank you, Yasuda[/nb_testimonial_item][nb_testimonial_item image=”323″ name=”Anne” position=”Design, USA” class=””]We are loyal sushi yasuda fans from the nyc days. We came to tokyo and found that his bar was one of the only western friendly sushi bars. The fish and sake were top notch. On top of it all yasuda san is an entertainer and made us feel welcome. Cant wait to return.[/nb_testimonial_item][nb_testimonial_item image=”321″ name=”Seda” position=”Design, USA” class=””]This is a great sushi bar in Tokyo. We chatted with Mr. Yasuda all evening and enjoyed great sushi. Go here if you like sushi and nice conversation![/nb_testimonial_item][nb_testimonial_item image=”325″ name=”Deanne” position=”Design, USA” class=””]Great sushi tailored to your preferences with a twist from the chef. When I told Yasuda I wasn’t a big fan of uni, he managed to make a fan of it in just 3 pieces! Overall very accessible for English speakers and reasonable price when compared to similar sushi experiences.[/nb_testimonial_item][nb_testimonial_item image=”328″ name=”Jude Knapp” position=”Design, USA” class=””]It’s more than just sushi…it’s a totally entertaining night. The sushi is fabulous, the rice is amazing and Chef Yasuda is awesome! The chef talks to everyone and he is so entertaining while he is educating you about sushi and fish. It was a wonderful evening with food, friendly people and good sake from the chef’s home town. Well worth it![/nb_testimonial_item][nb_testimonial_item image=”320″ name=”Christina” position=”Design, USA” class=””]We had a 6pm reservation and were promptly seated at the small sushi bar. The sushi chef .Mr Yasuda, started by asking what we liked and didn’t like . and then proceeded to prepare amazing sushi He had previously had a restaurant in NY and so spoke very good English and explained his courses as he fed us delicious items. It was a wonderful atmosphere and we met other travelers who were also enjoying the experience. It was a highlight of our trip.[/nb_testimonial_item][nb_testimonial_item image=”327″ name=”Deanne” position=”Design, USA” class=””]The best sushi I’ve ever had. The chef is very friendly, chats with everyone sitting at the bar, makes sure you’re having a great time. Every single piece of sushi he served was delicious. If you’re looking for a traditional place with a stern faced chef and Japanese clientele giving you side glances – this is not a place for you. If you’re a lover of sushi – come here.[/nb_testimonial_item][nb_testimonial_item image=”322″ name=”Brett” position=”Design, USA” class=””]Yasuda-san is chatty and funny, stories from his NYC days are interesting as well as Burdain’s visits and drinking…
SUSHI IS GREAT !!! I do not know or are interested in giving stars or forks II KNOW I LIKE THE PLACE and return every time I am in Tokyo ( which is quite a lot..)
DO NOT MISS.[/nb_testimonial_item][/nb_testimonial][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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