who are we


Crunchix is a joint venture of two business tycoons, with a penchant of exploring ways to add value to their nation. One fine day, hunger knocked on their door at an ungodly hour of 3 am. To their dismay and horror, they had no food and no one to resort to, in their desperate time of need for some delicious and hygienic gourmet food. That night they stayed awake, with occasional growling of their stomachs, to come up with an ingenious solution, so that no soul on the land of Dubai had to kill their cravings. Thus, day and night, together they worked to nurture and wait for the ultimate enemy of hunger “Crunchix” to hatch.

Fastest delivery on
your door step

A new look on
the right food!

The use of natural
best quality products

World’s best Chef
and Nutritionist!


Crunchix, located at a secret location in Dubai, is an amalgamation of exquisite delicacies and an army of agents, exceptionally trained in combating hunger with fast delivery, gob smacking taste and optimum hygiene. Whether you are parched, famished or simply craving for desert, we specialize in tending to your hunger emergencies from 12:30 pm till 4:30 am. Your favorite food, delivered safe and sound right to your door!

Dial our helpline right away to buy your choice of ammunition against hunger 0568872964. Hunger can’t reside in your homes, not on our watch! #Whatachix